Chen Stormstout

Chen Stormstout is one of the weekly Celestial Tournament opponents. His pets are Tonsa, Chirps and Brewly.

Your team: 1.  Darkmoon Tonk (H/P)     2.  Kun-Lai Runt (P/P)     3.  Sea Pony (B/B)
TEAM 2 by kakhie uses: 1.  Son of Animus (P/P)     2.  Kun-Lai Runt (P/S)     3.  Eternal Strider (P/S)

Tonsa always starts with the Headbutt, so have Darkmoon Tonk up ready to cast Shock and Awe, even if stunned it won’t matter. The next attack is Ion Cannon and Tonsa is toast.

Chirps is a Critter, so let the Tonk play out and when he’s done, enter Kun-Lai runt. Rampage and sit back and watch the show. If you have to, spam Thrash until Chirps is down.

Brewly is the most annoying of the crew. Her ability, Inebriate, is the most annoying, dropping your hit chance by 25%. So just spam Thrash if Rampage is on CD until the Runt’s down and then grab the Sea Pony. This is my favorite Elemental killer! Drop Whirlpool on its face, then spam Water Jet till it’s at 25% health.  With it so low, if the Whirlpool doesn’t connect, just hit Surge to go first and interrupt Brewly. Good Game

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