Yu'la Broodling of Yu'lon

Yu'la Broodling of Yu'lon is one of the Four weekly Celestial Tournament Legendaries. A powerful little dragonling to be sure, but shes no match for our dragon killers!

Team 1: Peddlefeet (S/S), Soul of Aspects (B/B), and Anubisath (H/H).

Team 2: Peddlefeet (S/S), Gregarious Grell (S/B), and Anubisath (H/H).

Team 3: Mr. Bigglesworth (S/S)

Team 4 : Pandaren Monk (P/S)

Team 1: Peddlefeet Perfumed Arrow . He will set his Emerald Presence, second attack should be Bowshot, He will start Lift-off, ramp Shot Through The Heart. when Lift-off resolves, Shot Through The Heart will resolve, then just spam w/e isnt on CD. Second pet: Soul of the aspects: Surge of Light,Breath, save Deflection for Lift-off's resolve, breath and light spam till hes soul dies. Third pet: Anubisath. Crush spam, Stoneskin on start of Lift-off, Deflection when it resolves, Crush spam = GG.

Team 2 : Gregarious Grell can solo this! Just start with Punch, then spam punch untill he Lift-offs, hit Phase Shift, then decide to either Cauterize, or spam punch. Either way, you want to keep Phase Shift ready for the round Lift-off resolves, so you get it for the start of that round, and the next round. Just bounce between Cauterize and punch, using Phase Shift on the Lift-offs.

Watch the video for the one shot!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki

Team 3 : Mr. Bigglesworth (S/S) can solo this also! Just start with claw, then use Ice Tomb, when he goes into lift off, use Ice Barrier. When it resolves, that will be one hit. PASS the next round, he will breath into the barrier and use the second it on it, but the ice tomb will resolve by then and stun him. Hit claw again, and then again. Then start the process all over again. Its really just timing Ice Barrier, and Ice Tomb, attacking with claw. It has a 90% hit chance, so he may miss sometimes. But watch the video for the one shot!

Team 4 : Pandaren Monk (P/S). Start with Blackout Kick, then use Takedown, when he goes into lift off, use Staggered Steps. Then its just using Blackout kick on CD, and spamming takedown, using steps when he goes into liftoff. GG