Taran Zhu

Taran Zhu is one of the weekly Celestial Tournament opponents. His pets are Yen, Li, and Bolo.

Your team: Maggot (B/B) 2. Crow (S/S) or Gilnean Raven (S/S) 3. Blighthawk (P/S).

Yen starts the round with Comeback, so we have time to set up. Retaliate with Burrow. This will negate the next attack and set our timer one round ahead of his Blackout Kick. After Burrow resolves, use Sticky Goo. After his attack, use Consume. It will recover some lost health. When he drops below half health, he uses Feign Death, but the Sticky Goo we used will prevent him from going anywhere. Now, we’re on time for a second Burrow. Use it as soon as it gets off CD. He will try to use Kick but we’re mitigating it as we’re underground. Now, if the Burrow doesn't connect, just use Consume and Goo spam till he's down. When Li enters the fight, switch to your Crow.

Li's strategy is to out heal you, but our Crow (or Raven) isn't going to let it happen. Start with Call Darkness, and then connect with Nocturnal Strike. From here its Alpha Strike spam till Nocturnal is off CD. As his last heal goes off, own him with another Nocturnal.

Bolo - Keep the Crow in play until it dies; use its death for the switch into the Blighthawk. With the Crow in play, he should have moved to his Rampage. Make sure the next attack isn't going to be Blinding Powder. If it is, just spam Infected Claw. All of the Blighthawk's attacks are strong here, Ghostly Bite being the main one. If he's in the middle of his Rampage, it’s safe to use the Ghostly Bite. The idea here is to use Bite and Lift-Off, avoiding the Blindness, but you should be successful just spamming Infected Claw. GG

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