Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen is one of the four weekly Celestial Tournament Legendaries. A strong tiger with an appetite for critters, he just doesn’t have the medicine for our Spider Zerg!

Your team is:  1.  Any fox (for Howl and Dazzling Dance)     2.  Any spider (P or B breeds for stronger attacks) with Brittle Webbing and Spiderling Swarm     3.  Menagerie Custodian 

Let the battle begin!

Round 1: The fox is going to die in three rounds, that’s what we want. So, first round use Dazzling Dance.  Second round use Bite.  Third round - use Howl.  This will amplify the next 2 rounds damage by 100%.

Once the fox dies, flip into the spider. The Dance will allow you to go first. Use Brittle Webbing.  This is about to amplify all the damage about to be laid coupled WITH the howl from the fox, so were up to about 200%. Let Swarm rip and he’s almost dead. He will attack and gain some life. Enter the Menagerie Custodian.

Once the spider dies, bring in the Custodian. First round is Shock and Awe. If it stuns great, if not no big deal. Ion Cannon is about to make it all sexy! Pop him with it, and move to the next legend! Watch the video for the one shot!

Pet Battle Pvp Team

Pet Battle Pvp Team