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Grand Master Aki

Major Payne

Major Payne is the Icecrown Grand Master, he can be found at 77,19. His 3 pets are grizzle, beakmaster x-225 and Bloom. Hes Military, hes Hardcore, and about to get OWNED! Harbinger Zerg GO!

Grizzle is a beast, and will usualy use bash as his start move, wich stuns. Its not a big deal, so when you can just use immolate and get it ticking. his next move will be Rampage, it goes for 3 rounds. Durring that time, just spam burn. He will hibernate and just sit there while you lay into him 500 damage a tick. Congratulate the Major on his new Bear Rug, albiet a little singed...

BeakmasterX-225 is a mechanical .. but the harbingers EAT mechanicals for lunch. Start with immolate, follow up with classic conflag and burn spam.

Bloom is an elemental, amd while Im sure hes a strong pet I wouldnt know, because the harbingers rape him every time as they always do with any team that tries to out heal the zerg! Just follow with your classic immolate, conflagerate and burn cycle.

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