Wrathion is one of the weekly Celestial Tournament Opponents. His pets are Cindy, Alex, and Dah'da.

Your Team: Elfin Rabbit (B/B), Flayer Youngling (S/S), Sporeling Sprout (S/B)

Cindy starts the round with Ice tomb, so start with the Elfin Rabbit and cast Burrow. From here its making sure your Dodge will resolve on the round the Icy Tomb does, spamming Flurry and using burrow on CD.

Alex is a true Dragonkin, where as Cindy was Undead. So just ride the rabbit untill it dies, then flip into our dragon killer, Flayer Youngling. Start the round with kick to stun lock, then attack with blitz. Try to time your Deflection with his Flamethrower ability. From here just stunlock and blitz spam.

Dad'ah is also a true Dragonkin, and even at half health your flayer shouldnt have any issue raping him. Its the same set up here, stunlock, blitz spam, and holding the deflection for when the Elementium Bolt resolves. If you have to, flip to the Sporeling, hit Crouch, Leech Seed, and spam Charge. Wrathion wtfOWNED!

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