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Grand Master Aki


Mo'ruk can be found at 62,45 in Krasarang Wilds. His pets are Woodcarver, Lightstalker and Needlecarver. Many players have trouble against this Simmian, but dont fret, we wont monkey around!

Woodcarver is a beast, he uses acidic goo, consume and burrow. He's really just about knowing whats comming next and to take advantage of it. Round 1 starts with Emerald whelpling, cast Moonfire. he will start with goo. next attack pop tranquility. he will burrow. His burrow negates the round for us, so were gonna switch. Flip it to the Raven. I use p/s ravens. Burrow will resolve and now its our turn. Ride out the last tick of tranquility before you use darkness, or it will cut the healing in half to you. So start with Alpha strike. Next round use Darkness. He will consume. hit him again with nocturnal strike. Then its just alpha strike spam.GG

Lightstalker is Flying, he uses Mothballs, Moth Dust, and Alpha Strike. As soon as woodcarver is down, flip back into Emerald whelpling. Set the weather to Moonfire again, its strong against flyers. After he attacks use tranquility. Let it tick over the next 2 rounds as you spam Emerald bite. Lightstalker DOWN!

Needleback is Aquatic, which loosely translates into " Please lord, kill me now". He uses Headbutt, Grasp, and Powerball. the first round is usualy a headbutt. You have a few choices here. The whelpling can defeat Needleback by himself, but he uses grasp, and that keeps your pet in the round untill it resolves. So watch his health and wait for it to resolve. Once gone, he should be low enough to flip into your level pet and swoop in for the kill. I usuay just get him low enough to swap to the pet I want to level to finish him. if not, you can send it in for a round, then swap out.

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