Cymre Brightblade

Cymre Brightblade is one of the new Grand Master Pet Tamers of WOD.

Team 1: Chi Chi P/S, Crawling Claw P/S, and Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling S/S

Start out with Crawling Claw, use Death grip, it forces the lowest health pet into battle. Enter Gyrexle, the Eternal Mechanic. He will start with Railgun, Once he enters, switch to Chi-Chi. Start with Tranquility. His next move will be rocket, so be prepared to use ethereal to negate it. From here he will build another rocket but waste three rounds to repair, so just lay into him with Fire Quills

Stay with Chi Chi for most of the next pet. This is a simple match up of timing Rot with Ethereal. Be sure to keep Tranquility up and when hes low, swap to claw for the kill. Once he uses Dark Rebirth, swap him out for the Lantern with death grip. Now he will sit in the back row and tick away!

With the claw up, cast Doom, then attack spam untill he dies. If hes already down, the Dragonling should be in play, breath spam for the win! If he happens to get wish off, Doom and whatever is pet is left should finish him off. Watch the Video below for the kill!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki