Vesharr is one of the new Grand Master Pet Tamers of WOD.

Team 1: Proto-Whelp P/P, Chi Chi P/S, and Bronze Whelpling S/S P/S

Start with the Proto-Whelp, as your opponent cast caw, hit emerald presence, it will mitigate alot of damage. On the second round, Proto-strike to further negate the incomming damage. From here, its just Bite spam till hes down.

As the second pet comes in, keep alternating between Protostrike and bite. Theres not really much to it here as the presence negates alot of the batter damage. Use Early Advantage to end it.

When the third pet enters the fray, if he isnt in play, you can either ride out the Proto whelp, or flip to the Bronze Whelp. Keep in mind this one is S/S, so its hella fast and goes first! Drop Arcane Storm into play, then its just Arcane Slash spam. Watch the Video Below for the kill!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki